Nintendo is holding their first major Splatoon tournament. Winning team goes to E3.

On Thursday March 30, Nintendo announced the U.S. Inkling Open, a Splatoon tournament with a grand prize of a trip to E3. Battlefy will be hosting the tournament which begins April 22 with a qualifying round. After the heads-up qualifying whittles down the teams to 16, the finals will begin with best of five play across multiple Splatoon game modes. Tournament Grand Finals will be held on April 29 featuring the Rainmaker game mode. Team size is limited to four players and an alternate. Participants must be 18 years of age or older and, of course, own a WiiU and Splatoon. The prize for the winning team is a trip to Los Angeles for E3. Full tournament rules and team registration can be found here.

The tournament follows the recent Splatoon 2 test fire beta test which was the first major test of the new Nintendo Switch’s online infrastructure. Overall the test was uneventful with only a limited portion of the new game available and the install base of a just released console perhaps lowering the test’s the bar of difficulty.

Splatoon 2 test on Nintendo Switch

So who out there is signing up for this tournament?