New trailer reveals release date and hints at story details…

Today Bethesda revealed the release date for their reboot of the Prey franchise. The revelation came via a new trailer for the game on YouTube. Prey will be available on May 5, 2017.

In addition to revealing the release date, the new video shows an early glimpse of Prey’s gameplay and story. Based on the legacy of the previous Prey games, it was known that the new game would be a first person shooter. What the new trailer reveals is that the game will have a bit of an environmental puzzle aspect to it: We see the player using a gun that shoots fast setting glue or foam of some kind to put out fires and create climbable surfaces. The video also shows off a wide variety of weapons. Many of these weapons seem to be in prototype stages of development in keeping with the game’s laboratory setting shown in previous trailers.

Speaking of the game’s setting and story, this newest trailer fleshes out some details about the main character and story of Prey. The main character of the game, Morgan Yu, is involved in research studying and exploiting recently discovered alien creatures. The research apparently includes human experimentation trials in which Yu takes part. Ultimately this is the narrative explanation for some of the in game powers players will have access to.


Check out the latest trailer for Prey below: