The wait for a new MechWarrior game may soon be over…

Fans of the the MechWarrior series of games have waited a long time for a single-player experience, 15 years in fact, but soon the wait will be over. Piranha Games, makers of the MechWarrior: Online MMO, announced MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is currently in development at their studio. The announcement came this Sunday at the Mech_Con 2016 event. The game will take place during the ‘Third Succession War” of the MechWarrior  tabletop RPG timeline. That’s pre-Clan invasion, for those die hard fans out there, so no there will be no Timberwolves to pilot unfortunately. MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is scheduled for a 2018 release, check out the game’s first trailer below.