Sony’s second attempt at a flagship platformer is making a comeback.

Yesterday, Sony revealed a trailer for the PS4 ports of the Jak and Daxter games. Jak and Daxter: the Precursor Legacy, Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X: Combat Racing will be available for purchase through the Playstation Store later this year. In contrast to the prominent trend of HD remasters for classic games the Jak series is simply being ported to the newer console.

The move may be a bit of a scramble on the part of Sony to capitalize on the burgeoning nostalgia for 3D platformers. With Yooka Layle coming right around the corner and Super Mario: Odyssey later this year, the release of some classics of a similar ilk from the PS2 era makes a bit of sense. Of course, only the first Jak and Daxter is a 3D platformer in the classical sense. The other three games took a bit of a dark turn.