Ubisoft’s sword fighting game will be supported after its February 14 release.

Ubisoft released a new trailer yesterday detailing the post-release content in the season pass of For Honor, their upcoming Samurai vs. Vikings vs. Knights hack-and-slash game.

For Honor Creeps

The release schedule for the new content will be based around For Honor’s multiplayer, called the Faction War. The Faction War is a meta-strategy game that encompasses all multiplayer activities and results in changing on which maps the different types of matches take place. If the players who choose the Viking faction, for example, happen to have a particularly good week maps that were previously used for 1 vs 1 matches would be used for 4 vs 4 matches. Players also earn in game rewards based on the performance of their chosen faction. The Faction war will be divided into three month seasons that will end with a resetting of the world map.

The new trailer details both the free add on content and the paid DLC in the game’s $40 season pass.

  • Free Content
    • 2 new maps per season
    • New additions to the hero progression system
    • New modes including tournaments and ranked mode
  • Paid Season Pass Content
    • Two new heroes each season
    • XP boosts
    • Scavenger packs (loot chests)
    • An exclusive emote
    • Exclusive Items
    • Exclusive Emblems
    • Champion user icon
    • Crafting materials and boosts