The next FIFA is coming at the end of September.

In a new trailer on YouTube earlier today, EA revealed the release date and cover athlete for FIFA 18. Critsiano Ronaldo of the Real Madrid C.F. team will grace the cover of the FIFA 18 when it hits shelves on September 28. 

In a post on the Playstation Blog, Jon Cole, FIFA Content Manager at EA, had this to say about Ronaldo and the motion capture process:

Not long after he was named the world’s best footballer by FIFA in January, he went to Madrid to spend some quality time with Portugal and Real Madrid’s finest. We set him up in the famous EA Sports motion capture suit and meticulously recorded his every movement to bring Ronaldo’s every attribute to FIFA 18. From his explosive acceleration and those famous chop moves to that unique running style and lethal shooting technique, you’ll see all of this data come to life in how players move, behave and interact when you get your hands on FIFA 18 on September 29th, or sooner.

The sooner Cole refers to is the early access granted to players who purchase the special edition of FIFA 18, called the FIFA 18 Ronaldo Edition. For those who pre-order the special edition FIFA 18 will be available September 26. Pre-orders for the game are open on PS4, XBOX One and Origin for PC.