Valve reveals tremendous changes to one of their most popular games.

On the heels of the Boston Major Championship and more than ten years after the release of the 6.0 version of DOTA 2, Valve has announced the details for the 7.0 update of the popular MOBA.

The  update includes:

  • A new hero, Monkey King, bringing the hero count to 112.
  • Changes to the game’s HUD and pregame menus.
  • Cosmetic reworks to three existing heroes.
  • Support for community created bots.
  • Changes to the game map.
  • Changes to the hero leveling mechanic.
  • The addition of  backpack storage to all heroes.
  • And too many more changes to list here.

The update, titled The New Journey, introduces a massive amount changes to DOTA which affect how all 112 heroes play as well as some fundamental mechanics of the game. The update launches tomorrow December 12.