A gamer’s dream come true: the hottest new video games for a fraction of the price.

Amazon’s big announcement from Tuesday has gamers across the USA giddy with excitement. If you’re planning on playing the hottest games fresh off the press in the U.S., and are like me and don’t want to pay new release prices (why I don’t have Fallout 4 yet), it might be time to invest in an Amazon Prime membership. If you pre-order a physical copy of a new game and accessories such as controllers or amiibos through Amazon, or purchase it within two weeks of its release, Amazon Prime offers you a 20% discount! With most titles dropping at a $60 price point, you’ll save about $12 on average. It is a nice added perk to help you hit Add to Cart. I know I’ll likely pre-order more games just to save $12ish bucks.

Amazon Prime Deal

What games will you order, now that there’s an added incentive? I have my eye on Far Cry Primal, Ratchet and Clank, Mirrors Edge: Catalyst, and No Man’s Sky, just to name a few.

Already a Prime member? Now you have no excuse to take advantage of this new deal. With Prime, not only do you get this great deal, but also the perks of free shipping, Prime Pantry, movies, music and more.