From Paris With Love

Next week, the first episode of the new Hitman game launches from Square Enix and IO Interactive.  Today, a new season premiere trailer was released and it highlights 47’s trademark skills as well as the expansive new environment.  The first episode takes place in Paris and the trailer shows off the bustling environments and large crowds the series is known for.  From a fashion show, to a crowded marketplace, even to a protest rally, Hitman looks to be offering plenty of variety in its opening episode.

Of course, it’s not a Hitman game without a plethora of disguises and the episode premiere certainly has those.  My personal favorite is the priest’s disguise.  Not only because of it’s callback to the second game in the series, but because of it’s irony and practically.  Very few people would suspect a priest of violence.  There’s also a variety of execution methods and an excellent electro song in the background.

Hitman episode one premieres next Friday on March 11th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.  You can either preorder the entire game which includes all the episodes or simply the purchase the first one.  Check out the opening cinematic and world of assassination trailers too.  I’m hopeful the episode because the beta was fantastic.  What are your thoughts on Hitman? Will you be playing next week?