The world of Deus Ex is a fictional depiction of the future with a cyber-punk like style.

The latest installment is set in the year of 2029. The world and story of the game takes a decent amount of inspiration from our modern world. It was from the connections made that I started to look at Deus Ex less as fictional but as an imagined version of where we’re going – the various topics and what the games suggest of them.Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™_20160904200359


Well, the future is full of alcoholics, it would seem; not just Adam Jensen. In Human Revolution and Mankind Divided, outside of Hypostims, a medical form of healing, there is the less medical solution that includes not prescribed pain killers, beer, and various forms of liquor. But how is that array of substances found if not picking it up everywhere throughout the game? And Jensen might even be somewhat picky in his choices, since there are some beers and liquors that can’t be gathered. And the more run down the area, the more you’ll find. The higher end neighborhoods is where you’ll find the harder liquors, Absinthe, Whiskey, and Vodka. And once you’re done with a few cases of beer, recycling them into a table is great.


Old is obsolete. This one isn’t too far from how our technology can be now. But Deus Ex is a bit extreme. And I admit this is a small gripe that I have with Mankind Divided. In the game, the more common computer to be found is more of a laptop style. But the older version from Human Revolution, the desktop, isn’t 100% gone. But each one found is basically decoration. It can’t be hacked or looked into, even if it looks to be completely set up and useable in the world, just not by Jensen. I know it’s old, but shouldn’t that just make it really easy to hack?



If you’re younger than 25 and older than 70, then you probably don’t exist in the Deus Ex future. At least from what the game shows. In looking around and exploring what the game had to offer, I do not recall running into any children or any elderly. The only child I know of is seen in an early on cut-scene in Mankind Divided. After that, they disappear. There are items to suggest that at least the younger children are alive with toys in certain homes that Jensen visits – or rather breaks into. But odds of actually seeing any are slim. The elderly seem to be even more scarce and hidden, as I have no memory of seeing any. The closest you’ll find is some individuals with wrinkles and white hair. The oldest characters I know are Tong Si Hung from Human Revolution and David Sarif in Mankind Divided, both sitting at 59.



The largest component of Deus Ex is the Augmentations. And the controversy over them leads to the conflicts in both Human Revolution and Mankind Divided. In the latest version, there is a fear and hatred that has moved to the forefront. Augmented people are called ‘Robots’ or ‘Clanks’ considered to be not worthy to the rights of the ‘Naturals’. There are housing areas built for those who do not have proper documentation. And not everyone is like Jensen. Every normal augmented individual will need to Neuropozyne to ensure their body does not reject the augmentations. So it is a drug that has a permanent fix on Augmented individuals. Some perks, but maybe think first about getting any. Even Adam Jensen never wanted or planned for any of his augmentations.


Trust no one. Part of this paranoia comes from the story of the game. Better to know now and be prepared, so you aren’t dragged into some high end organization that is controlling every move of the government. If you aren’t someone like Jensen, then just stay out of the radar. Pick your friends very carefully, and make sure your family does the same.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™_20160924233218

Video Games

Human Revolution seemed devoid of anything that could be labelled as video games. Though with that game being set 10 years in the future, it could be assumed that maybe the console gaming had died away. The computers are more advanced. Even Augmentations might be the deep stretch into the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences. For those who do prefer the console, Mankind Divided brings hope. In a store in Prague, there is what looks to be game controllers and consoles. It is also the store where any of the Breach Software collected during the play through can be sold. And one of the games we can look forward to is Knuckles & Knuckles.