It’s only been a decade.

As any fan of Final Fantasy knows, the long awaited arrival of Final Fantasy XV is set for September 30th of this year – 2016. Having been announced in 2006, I’ve come to realize just how much time has actually passed – and how many important life events I’ve weathered – since the game’s announcement at E3.

versus 13


Final Fantasy XV is announced at E3 as a PlayStation 3 exclusive called Final Fantasy Versus XIII (to offset the Final Fantasy XIII multiplatform announcement, also announced in 2006). In 2006, I also graduated from high school. Just a few months later, I begin my college career at Kent State University, on the path to becoming an English teacher. My mother pre-ordered Versus XIII for Christmas.


My father’s father passed away.


Senator Barrack Obama and Senator John McCain battle for the presidency in the 2008 presidential election. The now President Obama defeated McCain handily. Earlier in 2008, the incredible Lost Odyssey – created by a team headed by prolific Final Fantasy creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi – is released for the Xbox 360.



I begin student teaching during my senior year of college. In March of 2010, Final Fantasy XIII is released to lukewarm reviews. Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Agito XIII (later to be known as Type-0) are nowhere to be found. In May of 2010, I graduate college. I begin substitute teaching in September. In 2010, my grandfather passed away due to hospital negligence. After winning a lawsuit brought about by the hospital staff’s refusal to implement any further safety measures to prevent another death, my family donated 100% of the money to a clinic in Cleveland for men who are incapable of caring for themselves. It is now known as the Nick Grigg Clinic.

The lead character of Final Fantasy XIII is called Lightning (not her real name, thankfully), but she's not the only playable character in the field. The character's are deep and interesting, even if one or two of them are a little excessive.


Final Fantasy Agito XIII, or Type-0, is released in Japan on the PSP. Square-Enix decides not to send it stateside, perhaps due to the backlash from Final Fantasy XIII. I find my first part-time teaching job, becoming a long-term English sub for 7th-grade language arts.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 released to moderate reviews. Final Fantasy Versus XIII production ended, as it was eventually rebranded to become Final Fantasy XV. The game moved to new consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) and adopted the new luminous crystal game engine. Also in 2012, President Barrack Obama is re-elected and defeated Governor Mitt Romney in a landslide victory.

My mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. I begin writing my novel, Her.



the day we died

My band, Release the Skyline, released its debut album Lullabies & Maydays after a successful Kickstarter campaign. My mother continues her chemotherapy. Also in 2013, my band records a follow-up EP, The Day We Died, as part of a capstone project for a friend’s graduation credit. In June, I pre-ordered Final Fantasy XV. My aunt passed away.






Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns is released, ending the Final Fantasy XIII saga and offering a weak connection to the Final Fantasy XV world. On July 5th, my brother married a wonderful woman into the family. My mother is finally cancer free. I obtained my first, full-time teaching job. Final Fantasy Type-0 is released on the PS4 and Xbox One. My uncle passed away.

"Deal with it."

“Deal with it.”


I asked the most incredible and beautiful woman of my life to marry me, and we set the wedding date for June 11th, 2016. I self-publish my novel, Her, reaching the top 1,000 horror/psychological thriller novels on Amazon. I joined BitCultures in November.

Photo by Hunter Photographic

Photo by Hunter Photographic


Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event reveals a September 30th release date. By then, I’ll have finished up my 3rd year of teaching and be married, finished my honeymoon, and fully moved into my new house. Shortly after the game releases, President Obama will have run his full presidency, and we’ll have our third presidential election during XVs lifespan. Here’s a trailer (with a pretty awesome rendition of “Stand By Me”)


Let me sum this all up for you. Since 2006 when the Final Fantasy XIII multiverse was announced, I have graduated high school and college, watched my mother fight and triumph over cancer, voted in two presidential elections, recorded two CDs, written a book, mourned four family members, welcomed a new sister-in-law, and met, proposed to, become engaged to, and, finally, married an incredible woman while buying a house with her. Basically, I’ve found success and meaning in life within the decade that Final Fantasy XV sweltered in development hell.

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