It has officially been one year since Bit Cultures launched!

What started out as a conversation between Paul Cesar, Grant Roberts and myself has grown into something that I am proud to show to others but more importantly, show myself. It is proof that through hard work and a devotion of time, anything can be achieved. This was not a task done alone though as so many people have donated their time and energy to assist in bettering the site. Content creators stepped up on this site and while they may or may not have originally came in thinking of it as a way to publish a few articles, it resulted in the building of friendships and countless hours of extra work developing new types of articles, videos, podcasts and anything else they could think of contributing as well putting in the time to edit other’s works and make sure the site would be presentable on a daily basis. This also counts for the members who help in other ways such as helping organize a local event, participating in events under the Bit Cultures name and working to increase our viewership on social media.

One thing that I feel has set us apart from other sites like us in this one year span is how everyone here has grown to be friends. A majority of us up to this point have never met in real life and may never meet. We have content creators all over the world but people from all of these different demographics come together and chat constantly! I literally mean constantly as it is a guarantee that I can wake up everyday going back one year and see people talking in our group chat about video games, movies, tv, alcohol, school, finances and just life as a whole! It blows my mind how so many different people have built such strong relationships through Bit Cultures but it a huge reason why I love this staff so much and am happy to pull late nights and continue to invest in the growth of the site.

Our readers though are a major part of this community as well. We have continued to grow every month since launch. While our Facebook follower count is not in the millions and our Alexa rank has 6 digits in it, it doesn’t deter us from wanting to provide the best content we can to our readers. In a year we have grown quite a bit and have learned new ways to present our content to the audience. But at the end of the day, our friends and family helped get us to where we are now. New friends have been made to this point as well as they may have came across us on social media and then came back the next day, and the next day after that and so on and so forth. People like that are the readers we want and we are happy to continue putting out content for those fans as well as any new ones that may stumble across our site.

There is so much I could talk about when it comes to praising people who have helped contribute to the growth of Bit Cultures. I do want to give a specific lime light though to Paul Cesar, our editor-in-chief. He has done an amazing job finding our staff, creating guidelines and organizing the daily going ons of the site. We may argue over different ways of doing things but at the end of most days, we just call each other “screbs” and move forward. Without his work, we would not have made it to this point.

So as we pass one year, we now look forward to our next milestones to achieve and ways to expand Bit Cultures. I thank all of the staff and readers for sticking with us this long and look forward to another great year here at Bit Cultures!

I’ve been involved in video game journalism for a couple of years now, and I was still a part of a few gaming websites when we started talking about starting up a site of our own. Leaving that in order to start something from scratch was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Throughout the course of a year, we went from a simple discussion with Eric and Grant, to fully committing, and eventually launching our very own website. Since then, I’ve met met some of the most talented and passionate people from across the country, and the world. I wanna thank you all for putting as much passion into this project as you have. I couldn’t have asked for a better crew, that has practically become a second family to all of us. I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of numerous teams in the past but the kind of unity I see everyday out of our staff everyday is hard to find. We created Bit Cultures with that in mind. We wanted to give a platform to gamers like us who are united by the same love of video games. I love this industry, and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than be a part of it. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time, and excited for what’s to come. We’re just getting started.

I’ve been playing videogames as long as I can remember. I can still vividly recall me and my siblings arguing over which game to get with our N64. That said, I never thought I’d be writing about my love for gaming 20 years later. Bit Cultures has provided me with the opportunity to not only share my own gaming experiences with you all, but also to reflect on what it means to be a gamer. We’re all in this together; we’re all adventurers, competitors, artists, soldiers, students, and everything else in between. Gaming gives us all the chance to be whomever we can dream of being. And that is an experience that cannot be over-valued.

A year ago, my friend Alex Pizza asked me if I wanted to join this video game site called Bit Cultures. I love video games and I love writing, so I decided to give it a shot. Now, I’ve got a huge portfolio of articles, vastly improved writing skills, a lot of really talented and awesome coworkers, and my name on a site that’s made unbelievable leaps and bounds in its first year alone. Thank you very much, Alex, for giving me this opportunity, and thank you so much to everyone I’ve worked with over the past year. You’ve all worked really hard and made this site something great. I know it’s just going to keep getting better.

I didn’t expect to become so involved with Bit Cultures. It was late November, 2015. I was at a friend’s place, drinking a little too much. Eric was sick, in the hospital, and his outlook was not good. We hadn’t been dating by that time, and I only knew a little about Bit Cultures, but we had been talking every day and going on adventures together almost every other day. It was strange to not hear from him. Paul was stressing about what was going to happen to Bit Cultures if something happened to Eric. I was sitting next to him on the couch, and he was talking to our friend Pizza over chat messages. She was the community manager at the time. She told Paul, with her new job she didn’t have the time she used to have to put into Bit Cultures. She couldn’t do the social media anymore. Paul stressed even more. He asked, almost out loud, who will do it now? Who will we be able to find? I grabbed his phone, took a selfie, sent it to Pizza, and said ME. I would do it. For Eric. For the team. For my friends. I mean, I was also very drunk.

But it was the best drunk decision I’ve ever made. Over time, Paul, Alex, and Eric (he got better) taught me the ins and outs of our social media. I’ve since recruited a few helpers to work with me. Watching the numbers go up every day, watching posts go viral and how quickly information spreads is exhilarating. Having a finger on the pulse of our following and community interaction is absolutely satisfying. I’m so proud of the team I work with. They make me want to do better, be more creative, be a better person. I can’t wait to see where the community will take us, and how our Bit family will grow.

It’s really awesome to see this idea actually develop and grow into what it is today with people from all over with. A shared love of games participating and contributing. I see the site getting much bigger and surpassing what everyone expected, as it probably already did. This is only the beginning. Much love to all the contributors and everyone involved, past and present. Game on!