Kingdom Hearts III is real. We don’t know exactly when we’ll get our hands on it, but with every new installment, we always get excited when thinking about what new Disney worlds we’ll see. Tangled and Big Hero 6 have already been announced, so where else can we expect to go? I’ve compiled a list of the most likely options. For this list, I only went with original Disney movies that haven’t had representation in the form of a playable world before, and absolutely no Star Wars or Marvel properties. Yes, Disney’s acquisition of those two entities make their appearance probable, but there’s still no evidence to suggest that Square-Enix is considering them at at this point. So without further ado, let’s hop on our gummi ship and explore:

Disney Film: Robin Hood

Location: Nottingham


Ah, yes. Robin Hood. The classic 1973 animated film based on the legend of Robin Hood that did a much better job of teaching kids about taxes with anthropomorphic animals than schools ever have. I have a soft spot for Robin Hood, as it’s one of the earliest animated Disney movie memories I have. It’s also probably one of the most requested Kingdom Hearts worlds since the series’ inception. You have a charismatic protagonist to join your team, tons of memorable locations to explore, and an enigmatic villain to boot. So why haven’t we seen a Robin Hood world yet? It might be because, as far as I’m concerned, that universe seems to lack humans (much like The Lion King) so for Sora to fit in, he’d have to be anthropomorphized while Goofy and Donald stay the same. Regardless, that’s a minor inconvenience that I’m sure developers can easily get around.

Disney Film: Wreck-it-Ralph

Location: Litwak’s Family Fun Center & Arcade


Wreck-it-Ralph being included in Kingdom Hearts just sells itself, doesn’t it? A video game series that explores multiple Disney worlds featuring a Disney movie that explores multiple video game worlds. Sold on it yet? The very interesting concept behind Wreck-it-Ralph that all video game characters have a life of their own when they’re not on duty doing video game stuff in their respective games fits so well with Kingdom Hearts, so I’d be surprised if it didn’t happen. Take Ralph, the likeable villain who wants to be a hero, pair him with Sora & co. who can help him with that goal, and you have your dynamic team-up. Of course, a lot of the iconic gaming characters we see in Wreck-it-Ralph like Sonic, Q-Bert, and Bowser would never appear in a Square-Soft game, but that’s a small price to pay for the possibilities that do exist.

Disney Film: Toy Story

Location: Andy’s Room/Pizza Planet


It’s about time we had a Pixar world to explore in Kingdom Hearts. Fun fact: digging into the original game’s code revealed that both Woody and Buzz were planned to be in the game, probably as summons. Sadly, that didn’t pan out, and we’ve yet to visit any Pixar world 15 years later. Toy Story is a huge story told in small locations, so having Sora, Donald, and Goofy look at the world through the perspective of a toy is something we’ve never seen before in Kingdom Hearts. They would, of course, have to appear in toy form, which I think we can all admit we’d love to see. Add to that Tom Hanks and Tim Allen providing voice-over work, toy-shaped Heartless, and recreating the moment where you scare the crap out of Sid. This absolutely needs to happen.

Disney Film: The Sword in the Stone

Location: England


The Sword in the Stone is a Classic Disney movie based on a Classic Legend. The fanciful retelling of the beginnings of a great king would be an amazing addition to the worlds of Kingdom Hearts. Magic is a cornerstone for this game, and what better place to find magic than in a world with the one and only Merlin? The movie follows Arthur, Merlin, and Archimedes, the latter of who is a “highly-educated owl” and who also happens to be one of my personal favorite sidekicks. One of the things I love about this movie, though, is it does not follow normal Disney movie protocol. There are multiple villains of varying degree ranging between mean and crazy, and multiple situations needing solutions. I think if Square-Enix were to add the world of The Sword in the Stone to the new game, Sora, Goofy and Donald would fit right in with all the magic and craziness. Being turned into fish and squirrels, going through the different villains would help advance the team greatly.

Written by: Dawn Marie MacDonald

Disney Film: The Incredibles

Location: Metroville/Nomanisan Island


Of course we’d all love to see a ton of Pixar movies in Kingdom Hearts. A Bug’s Life and Monsters Inc. are both great choices. Other than Toy Story, however, The Incredibles just has everything going for it to make it one of the most fun worlds to visit, playability-wise. Think about this: it’s highly unlikely we’re going to see any Marvel worlds in Kingdom Hearts, since they tend to focus on original Disney films, but what’s the next best superhero-related thing that Disney has at their disposal? That’s right. If Sora and company were given superhero abilities alongside the Parr family, then the options here are almost limitless. The Incredibles would indeed be the greatest good we’re ever gonna get. Make it happen.

Disney Film: The Princess and the Frog

Location: New Orleans


The Princess and the Frog is the very last 2D animated Disney film made, and it’s almost begging to be a playable in Kingdom Hearts world, as it has all the necessary ingredients for it. Charming characters to guide you in your adventure, plenty of locations to explore, and a fascinating villain with voodoo witch magic (he’s got friends on the other side). Having a new Kingdom Hearts world located in New Orleans may sounds strange on paper, but Sora has been in Paris and London before, so is it really that odd? Bring back Keith David to reprise his role of Dr. Facilier though, or don’t bother.

Disney Film: James and the Giant Peach

Location: England/New York/Arctic


Stop motion animation is a beautiful dying artform. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas gets all the attention, but this could be as good a time as any to revisit another stop-motion Disney film from the 90’s that he also produced. James and the Giant Peach seems to have been forgotten over time, and Kingdom Hearts 3 would offer the perfect spotlight to reintroduce this gem, as opposed to re-doing The Nightmare Before Christmas for a third time. Yeah, the movie is a bit weird, and at first thought you might not think Sora interacting with James and his critter friends would make for an exciting world to visit. Open you mind, however, to how unique this would be. Who’d have thought a Winnie the Pooh world would work at all? Go figure.

Disney Film: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Location: Toontown


In case you weren’t aware, Who Framed Roger Rabbit is indeed an original Disney film. The 1988 classic live action film combined with beautiful animation (and my personal second favorite movie of all time) has a lot more in common with Kingdom Hearts than you might expect. Eddie interacting with cartoon characters in Toontown is strangely parallel to the way Sora interacts with a talking cartoon duck and dog. The almost black and white-ish setting of the movie offers something drastically different than any of the other bright and cheery worlds you’ll come across in the game, and the potential for one of the most memorable and grittier Kingdom Hearts experiences leaves our minds dreaming of the potential. The current generation of consoles are more than capable of doing the movie justice by reproducing the late Bob Hoskin’s likeness in the game. Any of the non-Disney cartoon characters who somehow appear in the film (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck) obviously wouldn’t appear here, but that’s a given.

So there you have it! Eight new worlds that are primed and ready to be used in Kingdom Hearts III. What Disney worlds and characters do you want to see in Sora’s next adventure? Let us know in the comments below!