Part 3

Played on PC

Part 3 is going to help you get a better understanding at the fundamentals of base building, and how to fortify your base against hordes of zombies, as they can do a substantial amount of damage. Just because you have a base, doesn’t mean you’re safe; you will have to frequently repair your base, so setting it up with strong defenses and traps can minimize how much damage your base will take.

You can build your base on the floor, or have it elevated. For this guide, we will build an elevated one, making a simple 10×10 base; however, you can make any shaped base you like, this is just for the convenience of this guide.

We want to make a 10×10 base with 9, 2×2 pillars as support. 7 Days to Die is not like Minecraft, where blocks can just float. 7 Days to Die has some realistic physics, so your base needs to be supported properly; if it isn’t, it will collapse, and cause a lot of headaches and lost progress. Lay down your 2×2 pillars, and then lay another 2×2 pillar 2 spaces away, so all the pillars are layered out evenly from one another. Your pillars should be layered out like the image below, if you are following this guide. It is your choice how tall to make your base, but take into account that if you decide to upgrade your pillars to steel, it will require a lot of resources, as steel is hard to find and requires a lot.

Next, build a floor; this is pretty self-explanatory, as you just layer out your floor according to the pillars. For the walls, I recommend making it 3 or 4 blocks high; again, it’s your choice how high you want your walls. Your walls should be layered out like the image below.

Before we move onto traps, it’s a good idea to not have a ladder going up to your base, as zombies can climb. I recommend making another pillar roughly 3 spaces away from your base, allowing you to climb up and jump to your base. Alternatively, you can also make a small bridge with a few wooden blocks. You can then remove the blocks after you have crossed or left your base.

Next we are going to fortify your base with traps. Traps, like everything in this game, can be destroyed if too much damage is applied; therefore, you will need to repair your traps, or make more. The first trap you should make are wood log spikes, and these should be placed under your base. Wood log spikes apply damage to zombies as they walk on them, breaking their legs and making them unable to walk. They will eventually die, after taking enough passive damage.

Next you should make spiked traps, which are similar to the wood log spikes, however these sit on a 90° angle. Zombies need to attack these spikes to get through them, but will take a large amount of damage when doing so, allowing the log spikes to finish them off relatively quickly by the time they get to them. Place wooden spikes around your base; you can make as many rows as you like. You can also upgrade your spikes twice, making them more resistant to damage.

Next is completely optional, but you can make steel or wooden fencing around your base, which blocks zombies from getting to your base; however, fences don’t do any damage. They may seem useless, but at night time, fences are great for delaying hordes from getting into your base until day time arrives.

These are the main traps you should have in order to fortify your base. Now, we will move onto ways to defend your base personally. You can build platforms on your base, so you can shoot at zombies as they are attacking your traps. Platforms are good for giving you better angles to shoot zombies from, as well as to eliminate blind spots. You should place platforms on each corner of your base. You can have five spaces of platform blocks sticking out of your base until it collapses, but placing a support beam under your platform can support it more, allowing you to place a few more platform blocks.

Now you have a base that is heavily fortified. What you decide to do next is completely up to you to experiment and have fun with. You can try placing bombs, pits, or anything else your imagination can come up with to make your base as awesome as you can imagine possible.

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