Part 2

Played on PC

At this point you should have built a base, if not something to at least protect you from the harsh nature of the zombie apocalypse. You can always upgrade your base gradually day by day, so for now, worry about making it better later.

Day 2 will focus on scavenging, where to look, what to look for and what loot is top priority.

There are a few things you should know before looting. Towns will have rare loot and much more but will also be infested by more zombies, dogs and possibly hordes, making towns much more dangerous. Areas with fewer houses are relatively free of zombies, but you may stumble upon a couple. Military bases will have a few zombies, but the bigger danger will be landmines, as they will be scattered all around the outside of the base and are quite hard to see if you are not paying attention.

One of the first things you need to look for is a cooking pot, as it will let you cook meat and boil water. You should never drink water that has come from rivers that hasn’t been boiled; it will contain diseases that will eventually kill you, so boiling it makes it safe to drink. Cooking pots are easy to find. You can find them in kitchens.

When you come across houses or buildings, loot them all! Don’t think anything is useless. Everything you find is useful, and you will likely find a use for it later down the road. Break objects down to gather supplies, such as fridges, air conditioners, cars, etc. Anything that can be broken down will supply you with a lot of valuable resources for mostly crafting.

Now you should definitely craft a wooden bow and arrows to help you kill wildlife and gather raw meat, which can be cooked to keep you from dying of starvation. For details on how to craft the wooden bow, please refer to Part 1 of the Beginners Guide. Wildlife is very common to come across, so as long as you have a wooden bow and some arrows, food won’t be an issue. Wildlife, such as pigs and deer, are your source for food. Pigs are slow, so you can kill them with a melee weapon with ease. Deer are a lot faster. You will need to kill them with the wooden bow. A note on how to kill wildlife easier is to sneak attack, as it does double and even triple damage. Wildlife also takes bleed damage, so over time they will keep losing health and eventually die – so stay on their trail.

When looting houses, gather as many glass bottles as you can, so you can store water in them and boil it. You can never have too many bottles of water, as you can just store them for use later.

Another high priority is grain alcohol, as it gives you stamina that can save you from life or death situations, like if you are being chased and you run out of stamina.

Snow areas may seem like an empty area with nothing, but as you might see, there will be a lot of tree stumps scattered around. Tree stumps actually contain some very rare loot. You can find resources from honey to guns ready to use. So if you come across a tree stump, loot it!

Sometimes you might not get enough time to scavenge a large building, so it is always a good idea to mark it on your map and can come back to it later. Large buildings most likely will contain gun vaults, which will have parts to assemble guns. Take every part you find, even if you own the piece as you can find better quality parts to replace. If you find a part with lower quality, you can just break it down into iron.

Last final note: nothing is useless. If you find anything from tin cans to picture frames, break them down. They will provide you with resources such as wood and iron, which are some of the most needed resources in the game.

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