Part 1

Played on PC

7 Days to Die isn’t your typical open world zombie survival game. 7 Days to Die separates itself from allot of the open world zombie games by having a heavy focus on a fantastic crafting system and a day and night cycle that makes survival a top priority. This guide will give beginners looking to get into this early access title a head start, and getting through the first 7 days.

It is highly recommended to play on the default map, Navesgane. As the world is allot smaller, making settlements, houses and supplies closer to each other.


The first thing you should do when you spawn is collect some stones, wood and plant fibers. Once you collect these materials, you can craft an axe, which is the most essential tool in the game, allowing you to collect almost every material relatively fast. Your stone axe will gradually degrade over time as you use it. Instead of repairing it, build a new axe; as repairing it will make it degrade quicker.

Next you should build a wooden club so you can defend yourself. You can use your axe, but it does less damage and will degrade, best to use a item for what it was designed for.

The Bow and wooden Arrows. This is not a priority… yet, but you will need to craft one eventually, as it will be handy for killing zombies from afar, and wildlife, so you can gather food to eat.

If you spawn in the snow, craft some fiber clothes by gathering plant fibers, as they will prevent hypothermia.

Next build a bedroll, especially if you know where you are going to setup base. If you die, you will lose either the items set on your hotbar, or in your backpack. If you place your bedroll near where you die, you will just respawn on your bedroll, as it acts as a checkpoint. You won’t have to waste time walking back to your gear, as you will respawn randomly on the map if you haven’t placed a bedroll down. Time is very important, as you will be managing it allot.

Next start collecting wood by chopping trees, roughly 1000 is a good number to get you started. When you collect enough wood, you can start crafting wooden frames to start building your base. Spend the rest of the day focusing on building your base, you can survive the first day and night without food and water. So don’t worry to much about it until day 2.

When you first spawn, no zombies will spawn around you. Use this as a opportunity to build your base without any interruptions.


. Stone Axe – Stone x5, Wood x2, Plant Fibers x2
. Wooden Club – Wood x10
. Wooden Bow/Arrows – Wood x12, Plant Fibers x3
. Bed – Plant Fibers x20
. Fireplace – Stones x10
. Plant Fiber Clothes – Plant Fibers x50

Night time will begin at 22:00, so make sure your base offers you protection. The best base is a elevated one, as a base on the ground will just be overwhelmed by zombie hordes as the game get’s progressively harder. Use nighttime wisely, don’t just go away from the game, waiting for the time to pass… plan what you are going to do for the next day; things you will craft and supplies you need to stock up on.

The next part of this guide will focus on essentials for Day 2.