Gamers come in all shapes and sizes (and console preferences)

But the beauty of gaming is that, regardless of your favorite title, we all share the same passion. We love games because they provide an extraordinary escape from reality. They help us deal with our emotions, whether it’s by giving us a character we can truly relate to or serving as a much needed distraction from whatever’s going on in our lives.

Wherever they live, whatever they play, all gamers share a common bond, and these are 5 things every gamer can relate to.

5. Accidentally pulling an all-nighter playing your new favorite, then doing the same thing again on purpose.

Goodbye, REM cycle.

Exhausted girl after an all-nighter gif. Hey Arnold falling asleep on couch gif

4. Being More Excited for a Game’s Release Day than Christmas

While regular people only have the holidays and their birthdays to look forward to, we have every game release day to anticipate. It’s a good life.

Little girl excited in her carseat gif Jane Lynch confetti cannon gif

3. Expecting a level to be hard but going in and slaying it like a total boss.

And feeling like you’ve¬†accomplished a major life achievement.
Party statue gif Little kid with a saxophone dancing gif

2. Majorly nerding out to your non-gamer friends who only respond with “That’s cool.”

That’s all you have to say?!
Confused woman gif Kimora Lee Simmons really? gif

1. Feeling bad that you’ve wasted so many hours playing a videogame before turning it on to cope with your anxiety and realizing why you love it so much in the first place.

Ah, so THAT’S why I always cancel my plans to play games.

Aziz Ansari doing a happy dance on a beach gif Donald Duck heart eyes gif

Featured image by Chris Whetzel