My wallet suddenly feels a lot lighter.

It’s that time of year again, folks. The holiday season is in full swing, bringing with it all the traditions that we know and love. Roasting chestnuts on an open fire, watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” with the family, eating a nice holiday dinner with those you love…and spending hundreds of dollars on games you’ll never play but you have to get because they’re such good deals, you guys; I can get BlazBlue for less than ten freaking bucks, that never happens and it’s so cheap and-

What I’m trying to say is that Steam’s back with its annual Winter sale, with discounts and slashed prices galore. The sales and games tend to change daily with the sale, but there’s already some pretty standout deals (40% off Hyper Light Drifter and up to 50% off loads of Final Fantasy games come to mind) and there’s bound to be more as the sale goes on. The sale ends January 2nd, so you have until 2017 to get some fun games at low prices…and then hope you remember to play them before 2018.

Source: Steam.