If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?

In commemoration of the one year anniversary of Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin sitting on my shelf, and in celebration of the impending release of Dark Souls 3, last week I decided to do one more thorough run through of the game and replicate my once fabulous-for-pvp powerstancing dual-wielding Magic Blue Flame +5 sorcerer that I ran back when Dark Souls 2 was still fresh. During my awesome 60+ hour run, which you can watch in its entirety below, I developed the build I wanted and breezed through locales that once frustrated me. My build is an amazing glass cannon. I learned a lot more about sorceries than I ever knew before during this pass. One of those things I figured out is that pvp has evolved past my build. I will need to do a lot more playing and researching to make the build relevant again. Here are ten things sorcerers should try when developing their build.

10. Experiment with hexes and pyromancy.

Felkin the Outcast

Put at least 20 in intelligence and 20 in faith before you soul vessel to your build. With these attributes, characters that teach the spells you are looking for are more willing to offer them to you. At these stats, Felkin the Outcast in Huntsman’s Copse will give you his full set of gear. His Hexer’s Hood will allow you to get some extra casts of spells. I used it to get a second casting of Crystal Magic Weapon.

9. Clicking the right thumbstick while running around with Homing Crystal Soulmass active.

Homing Crystal Soulmass

Clicking R3 to auto-target, guaranteeing your Soulmass to fire at middle to close range, is an unsettling trick for your opponent to deal with. Trap them into rolling then tap R3 as they are about to stand up to hit them while they are defenseless.

8. Use shields that spell parry and swords that regularly parry because you are badass.

When you are running knee deep in water in the Shrine of Amana, that spell parry will keep you moving in a straight line. This will help you avoid pulling any of the nasties around you and accidentally rolling into a bottomless chasm.

7. Use weapons with long reach like whips, or ones with a greater area of effect, for when groups of enemies are close by and closing in.


Santier’s Spear comes in handy when you are surrounded by lowly undead. A Raw Old Whip +5 may come in handy when you are throwing spells from far range, and the enemy rolls in to set up a position.

6. Join the Covenant of Blood, do some invading, and help people out as a shade.

Getting into the multiplayer aspect of Dark Souls will help you greatly understand the weaknesses of your character.

5. Conceal yourself with a spell, or use some kind of trick to lure an invader into a trap.


Everyone needs a good laugh once in a while.

4. Farm Twinkling Titanite in Shrine of Amana, the Dragon Aerie, and in DLC areas. Infuse weapons and shields, and upgrade your gear.


Upgrading your gear is going to make things a lot easier for you.

3. Get homing spells, especially with stunning qualities.

Someone likes to pepper you with arrows from around a corner? This will show them.

2. Attune multiple copies of your best homing and projectile spell attacks.

Scholar of the First Sin

While this will allow you to get a lot of useful ranged attacks, it will also keep switching between spells easier.

1. Try powerstancing and dual-wielding two +5 Magic Blue Flame swords.

With Crystal Magic Weapon active, casting a Soul Greatsword can wipe out quite a few baddies. These swords use their heavy attacks to cast sorceries. The +5 boost to magic infused Blue Flame swords gives you an amazing increase in both your physical attacks and your spell strength.