Size matters.

With the April release of the Ratchet & Clank reboot and the upcoming April 29th (US release) film, along with my recent platinum (which involved completely leveling up each weapon in Ratchet’s arsenal) – I decided to make my top ten favorite weapons in the Ratchet & Clank franchise. Come along and take a look.

10 – R.Y.N.O.


I put this weapon at number ten on my list because it’s simply too powerful. Abbreviated for ‘Rip You a New One,’ the R.Y.N.O. does exactly what its name not-so-subtly implies. Firing voluminous amounts of missiles at nearly every enemy in sight – and coming in as many variations throughout the entire series – the R.Y.N.O. easily established itself as the most powerful weapon that Ratchet can wield. Add to it the fact that it plays a balling anthem during your attacks, and it becomes clear why it made my list.

9 – Armoogeddon


Well, this weapon found itself in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, the cardinal title for the series on the PSP. As one might imagine with a name like the Armoogeddon, this weapon – much like the sheepinator – transforms enemies into bovine. Evolved from the initial Mootator, the Armoogeddon takes the number 9 spot because of its clever pun for a name. Besides, who doesn’t love to see enemies explode into a cow?

8 – Pixelizer


A shotgun type weapon, which is a rare thing in the Ratchet & Clank series, the Pixelizer turns enemies into a fun pixelized version of themselves. There’s little else that is as cool to see than a large blast radius of pixels flung straight into a group of Amoeboids. In the reboot, you can even “accidentally” turn your friendly NPCs into pixels. Not many other weapons clear mobs of smaller enemies as efficiently as the Pixelizer.

7 – Peacemaker


Ironically named, the Peacemaker is the advanced version of the Warmonger. A large rocket launcher, the Peacemaker splits its main payload into smaller rockets that deal more damage to more foes. What’s better is that the Peacemaker makes very short work of large enemies or Blarg transports, which tend to make Ratchet’s life pretty tough. Not only is it wonderfully named and powerful, the Peacemaker also – at least in the reboot – levels up quickly because of its damage radius and power.

6 – Dopplebanger


In Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault, Ratchet was given the Dopplebanger. The Dopplebanger deployed a mechanized version of Ratchet that came fully equipped with lasers. Not only did the decoy grab the attention of enemies, but it also launched deadly projectiles at them. In Full Frontal Assault, this was a very welcomed level-one weapon. With that said, the name alone deserves a spot on this list.

5 – Nightmare-in-a-Box

nightmare box

Much like the jack-in-the-box, Nightmare-in-a-box – also known as the Nightmare box – provided quite a bit of entertainment in Nexus. Tossing the box acts as a decoy, distracting enemies by terrifying them with a mixture of monsters and ghosts. Enemies would either attack or run away from the box, and after a set amount time, the box would explode. Still, seeing the enemies cower in fear was a pretty satisfying experience.

4 – Glove of Doom

Glove of Doom

The Glove of Doom makes its way toward the top of my list because it is one of the most common weapon variations in all of the Ratchet & Clank games. As a wearable glove, the Glove of Doom tosses a set of cute, two-legged robots that hone in and explode on an enemy. If they happen to have a few members left after the fireworks, they will follow you around until you find the next unsuspecting foe.

3 – Sheepinator


The Sheepinator is essentially the same weapon as the Armoogeddon but finds itself in more of the games. What I particularly like about the Sheepinator (again, similar to the Armoogeddon) is, once upgraded, it includes an explosive blast (in the reboot) and, eventually, evolves into the Goatinator – so instead of transmorphing enemies into sheep, they then become a fluffy, gray goat.

2 – Mr. Zurkon

Mr Zurkon

What isn’t there to say about Mr. Zurkon? Chock full of memorable and hilarious one-liners, Mr. Zurkon is the ultimate tool of destruction. He is the weapon with the most personality, gleefully dispatching Ratchet’s enemies. The best part? “Mr. Zurkon doesn’t need bolts; his currency is pain.” Take a look at this list of Mr. Zurkon’s one-liners from the Ratchet Wikia and enjoy gems like: “Mr. Zurkon does not discriminate. Mr. Zurkon hates all life forms equally.” He and his family always bring a smile to my face.

1 – Groovitron / Groovibomb

The infamous Groovitron.

The only reason Mr. Zurkon didn’t top my list is because there’s nothing I enjoy more than watching any enemy in Ratchet & Clank bust a move and into a groove. By tossing a fluorescent disco ball into the fray of ferocious enemies, the Groovitron spins into action, exploding lights and beats into the unprepared (but tactful dancers) enemies. Since no one can resist the Groovitron’s song – not even Ratchet, when used against him – it’s so much fun to watch enemies, all with different animations, drop their assault and begin to boogie. Oh, and let’s not forget the sound of terror thick within their cries as they realize “he’s got a Groovitron!”