Sci-Fi and video games is a combination as classic as peanut butter and jelly. From the early days of Metroid and DOOM to contemporary classics like Half-Life and Halo, the science fiction genre has always had an intimate role within the gaming industry. We here at Bit Cultures decided to sift through the catalogs of lasers and physics-bending tools to bring you our Top 10 Sci-Fi Weapons in Gaming!

10. Beam Katana – No More Heroes

While many weapons on this list were built and obtained with the ability to deliver justice to the people of the galaxy or whatever, the Beam Katana was purchased by Travis Touchdown in an online auction to feed his otaku addictions. With his Beam Katana, he is able to slay his way to the top of the United Assassins Association in hopes of hooking up with Sylvia Christel. The Beam Katana functions as you would assume, it is basically a lightsaber. A few details differ though as the Beam Katana is prone to running out of energy and in order to recharge it, Travis has to shake it in a “unique” manner. With No More Heroes’ altered approach to a traditional looking beam weapon, the Beam Katana sticks out from it’s competition.

~Eric Young

9. Chainsaw Lancer – Gears of War

When Epic Games’ Gears of War hit the gaming scene in 2006, it brought along with it one of the coolest Sci-Fi weapons in gaming, the Chainsaw Lancer. In nearly every shooter, the player is given a generic assault rifle, this can be seen in Halo, Resistance, Ratchet & Clank, Mass Effect, and many more. Sometimes developers will mix it a little by adding elemental damage, a grenade launcher or alternate firing modes. At the end of the day though, it is just a machine gun. Gears of War takes the generic assault rifle trope to a whole new level by attaching a god damn chainsaw as a bayonet. This addition elevated the rifle to a go to option for players and the marketing because of how badass it is to be in a firefight and charge an enemy and proceed to slice them in half with your rifle…

Thank you Gears of War for this gem.

~Eric Young

8. FarSight XR-20 – Perfect Dark

When looking at sci-fi weapons, it was hard to choose one from the Perfect Dark series. The Mag-Sec 9, Laptop Gun, and SuperDragon all immediately come to mind. However, there was one weapon in the game that stood above the rest: the FarSight XR-20. The gun is described in-game as “[the] FarSight rifle is a Maian hybrid of an X-ray scanning device coupled with a ridle that can shoot through solid objects. The scope can lock onto and track life sources, though the device does not pan as fast as a running enemy can move.” AKA the gun can see, and shoot, enemies through walls. Coupled with its minimalistic and alien design, the FarSight XR-20 easily became the gun to have in your arsenal towards its reveal at the end of the original Perfect Dark.

~Peter Starr

7. Gravity Gun – Half-Life 2

The Gravity Gun, known officially as the zero point energy field manipulator in Half-Life 2, was Valve’s way of pushing the Havok engine to it’s physics engine limit. While not the first game to use gravity as a weapon, Half-Life 2 set the standard. The Gravity Gun allows players to pick up and manipulate any item they can get their hands on. With this new ability, the player was able to approach puzzles a whole new way as they could construct ramps or clear pathways to traverse or turn an empty can into a deadly projectile. As a player, the best use of the weapon may be grabbing buzzsaws and turning them into spinning blades of death in Ravenholm as Gordon fights off hordes of zombies and headcrabs.

~Eric Young

6. Omni-tool

When one thinks of science fiction they don’t usually think of a sword, but Mass Effect turns this ancient relic into one of the best technological tool in all the universe. While other weapons in the Mass Effect universe are just as powerful (and arguably more interesting,) the omni-tool is the most iconic of the series. Unlike the other weapons and tools, the omni-tool is present in every game of the series as well.

The omni-tool not only helps your Shepard to cut down enemies but also hack into vaults, open doorways, dispense medi-gel, change bullet types, scan computers, and can even play the newest “Galaxy of Fantasy.” It’s a million-in-one orange arm implant that makes life that much easier in the future. Imagine being able to play video games while slicing Cerberus troops in half? Sounds like the perfect combo.

~Laura Chandler

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