Within most major gaming universes there are unique creatures and monster, sometimes charming and sometimes grotesque. But, as it is, there are only so many games that allow you to tame and even battle with these creatures and in doing so you’ll create some sort of bond them. Here is Bit Cultures’ Top 10 Monster Catching Games.

10. Pocket Mortys


If you’ve ever looked through the app store or the play market then you’ve surely encountered a good few Pokemon clones. Games boasting their “unique” designs and fun gameplay. Well, in this swamp of garbage clones you may notice one that stands out. It’s not one that takes itself seriously, as a matter of fact it’s point is to be a joke. We’re talking about Pocket Mortys. Based on the Adult Swim show Rick and Morty, the game is chock full of grotesque humor that is most certainly not fit for all ages. The game isn’t too incredibly deep but as you collect and battle different Mortys, you’re in for some fun. Unless you hate Rick and Morty in which case this game might not be for you (also shame on you).

~Jim Wallace

9. Monster Rancher


Monster Rancher released for the original Playstation in 1997, and at face value, provided a pretty fun but unremarkable experience. Players could acquire, raise, and breed a wide variety of monsters, while managing statistics and battling them in tournaments against foes. But Monster Rancher did something wholly unique that awakened the hoarder in many of us.

New monsters could be acquired not only in the game itself, but by uploading data from random CDs. In other words, every CD you own has a monster on it. Most of the time, CDs would produce seemingly random results, but that wasn’t always the case. Some CDs contained rare monsters, whether they be Santa type creatures from Christmas CDs, or an ape wearing sunglasses from Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits. In its own way, the game inspired real world treasure hunting, well before the days of Pokemon Go. Talk about a ready-made excuse for owning that Matchbox Twenty album.

~Joshua Abbott

8. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2


Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 is quite the oddity in the seminal series, combining the tried and true gameplay of its franchise with that of the monster catching aspect of Pokemon. The results ended up being valiant, with the first game in the sub-series proving successful commercially and critically. The second game, although not being too ground breaking, expanded upon its predecessor and continued on from it to a point. It is a standard JRPG and the story isn’t much different to its ilk, but the mix between classic Dragon Quest with its menagerie of monsters really did make for a compelling DS title.

~Jose Herrias

7. Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu


Jade Cocoon hit the market in 1998, during a time when virtual pets and JRPGs were at their height of popularity. It combined elements from these genres, allowing players to explore lush green forests and capture a variety of unique creatures. Each monster had elemental properties and a number of attacks, which made it comparable to the still-new Pokemon franchise.

Jade Cocoon differed from Nintendo’s blockbuster in a number of ways. It presented a more mature story and a console experience that allowed for pristine graphics with beautiful character models and prerendered backgrounds. Players could combine creatures in order to make more powerful companions, allowing a great deal of customization in appearance and abilities. A sequel to Jade Cocoon was released in 2001 for the Playstation 2, and though it improved on many aspects of the original game, the series never caught fire like some of its contemporaries.

~Joshua Abbott

6. Golden Sun


Golden Sun may very well be the second most notable gameboy advance and with good reason. Golden sun is a feature length JRPG packed with hours upon hours of content. Within this JRPG there is a system in which the player can obtain different djinns be it for story progression, from wild encounters, or as a reward for exploration and puzzle sloving. The djinns which provide a huge roll in the game. The djinns are super pivotal because you can use them to balance out your stats, increase your elemental damage, and use them to bring down the power of a super buffed up summon on your opponent. Plus, on top of being a super useful and key element of the game, the djinns are pretty god damn to boot.

~Jim Wallace

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