The deceivers and schemers. Whether they’re tricking players into traps or misleading them with false information. These our are Top 10 Liars in Video Games.

10. Qwark – Ratchet and Clank

The hit Insomniac series Ratchet and Clank has definitely brought a breath of fresh air to the action adventure genre through the years. From Going Commando to to the recent well-received reboot, this franchise has gone the distance.

One of the most potent features of the Ratchet and Clank games is the presence of continuous goofball Captain Qwark. Most notable in the 2002 game, Captain Qwark schemed and plotted behind the scenes with Chairman Drek to hopefully finish off the legendary Lombax. To to avail of course…

~Ethan Butterfield

9. Patches – Dark Souls/ Bloodborne

Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice and you’re probably Patches. Patches is an NPC that spans across the Souls games and even weaved his way into Bloodborne. The games are known for being difficult and killing players multiple times along the way. Between the enemies and boss, there are also the NPC. And in the case of Patches, he’s not one to be trusted. Patches, like most of the things in these games, is not a friend. He’s going to help you die, but he’s not into doing the dirty work himself. In the games he often tricks players into traps. In Bloodborne he attempts to pit players against the optional boss Amygdala. As a character he’s one of the few lore ties between these From Software titles, making him interesting and still annoying as sends you down to deal with Giants. But at least he’ll try to make nice after you survive, but giving or selling items to players.

~Melissa Buranen

8. No Man’s Sky – Sean Murray

If there was an award for most disappointing game of the year, every year. It may have to go to No Man’s Sky. It currently doesn’t help that our expectations were fueled by what could have been, and who can we thank for this fuel? A one Sean Murray.

Promises were made, lies were revealed. I’m really not sure what’s worse, the fact of what could have been or that we, as gamers, believed Sean all the way to the release. Boasting features like multiplayer and a deep level of exploration, Murray found the winning formula for being a liar.

~Ethan Butterfield

7. Samuel Drake – Uncharted 4

Nathan Drake is no stranger to deception, in fact one of his games literally has the word in the title. Be it pirates, private militaries or ex-girlfriends, only Drake’s own brother could lie in such a way that it fuels the emotional final act of Uncharted 4.

What makes Samuel such a good liar is that he does so in a way befitting the pirates central to the plot of the game. He lies to everyone, to a point where all the double-crossing and self-interest left even gamers bamboozled. Samuel’s lies may be insidious at times, but the amount of depth to his character gave players a reason to forgive him, something which made the final scenes of the game nail biting.
Plus, if it weren’t for Drake’s deception, we wouldn’t have gotten to play one of the best games of this console generation.

~Jose Herrias

6. Airy – Bravely Default

Bravely Default is one of those games that set out to alter the genre. Even though it sticks to the JRPG guns, so much of the game warps common tropes in its sector of gaming. Airy is one such example, a character that embodies the cute and cuddly companion that is so common in standard JRPGs. Although Airy provides the expected flavor text, directions and hints, it is the final half of the game that truly reveals who she is.
Airy is pretty much evil and is the true enemy that players must take down throughout the game. This is one potent twist in itself, since it’s difficult to pinpoint just what Airy is and her motives, even despite various NPCs alluding to the fact. What makes Airy truly a deceptive nymph is the way in which all of her innocent directions are actually a requirement for destroying the world. She actually makes players act as the bad guy. On top of this, towards the end of the game we get to hear the true thoughts Airy has bottled up, including some grade A bitching towards the main cast. Oh and she turns into a caterpillar monster at the end, which is always awesome.

~Jose Herrias

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