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250px-Link_SSB4Fierce, BitCultures’ rising talent, is revered for this character specialization in Link. Commonly a fan favorite, he typically puts up quite a show.

“Hey! Fierce, here. Smash 4 is my first competitve smash game and I main Link! I am among the top Link players in the world and I still feel like there’s much to learn about my character. Aside from Smash, I play a multitude of other video games, torment 8Bitman, Suplex Ed and partake in my typical Laeth things. You can follow me on Twitter @FierceOfFlorida”




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8BitMan, BitCultures’ strongest Smash 4 player, is best known for his unrivaled ROB gameplay. Not only has 8BitMan secured his spot on the South Florida Power Ranking, but he also made the cut to represent Florida in the Genesis 3 Crew Battle.

“Hey, I’m 8BitMan, I am a top 5 player in Florida and widely regarded as the best ROB in Smash 4. I am sponsored by Gamers on the Edge, a charity tournament organization, and BitCultures as well! You can follow me on Twitter @8Brettman”






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PurpleGuy (Ed)



PurpleGuy (Ed), BitCultures’ most experienced and naturally talented smash 4 player is also it’s most unpredictable. He can gracefully defeat top players with Sheik and Wario, or he can embarrass them with Doctor Mario and Zelda. He also has secured his spot on the South Florida Power Ranking. Ed brings more to the table than just his play, however. Serving as a mentor, training partner and all around nice guy to his team, Ed is an instrumental part of BitCultures’ Smash 4 success.

“I’m Ed, the Mario Party GOD!!! I’ve never lost in tournament for that game! I’m currently #9 the regional PR and I feel that I can threaten any player on any given day. The smarts for smash carry over decently to my lesser played tournament game, MKX where I have a decent victory over well known Marvel player “RoachKing” and s near victory over the well known “Chris G”. I hope to soon finally hit my stride in sm4sh! You can follow me on Twitter @theRealEd59″


Photo Credit: Dreamlock Photography


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