Among it’s announcements during this year’s E3 conference, Bethesda Softworks announced the impending release of a sequel to The Evil Within. Set three years after the events of the original game, the sequel will put players back in the blood-soaked shoes of rogue detective Sebastian Castellanos in his quest to uncover a conspiracy that has claimed his family. As before, the game will take place in the hellish dream-world of the STEM system, a machine designed to link human brains together for psychiatric treatment, and around which the first game’s plot revolved. This time, however, the detective will reenter the nightmare with a purpose: to save his missing daughter, Lily, and to get at the truth behind Mobius, the mysterious organization responsible for her disappearance.

Someone is always watching in STEM...Like its predecessor, The Evil Within 2 will feature a variety of horrific and twisted monsters generated by the unhinged minds that dwell as psychic remnants inside the system, and which Sebastian will have to overcome if he wants to save his missing daughter. However, where the world in the first game was the product of a single, controlling influence (the psychopathic Ruvik), Sebastian will be forced to move through a world under the influence of a whole host of madmen, each with their own deranged agenda.

Bethesda‘s newest trailer provides backstory for one of these inmates now running the asylum; the mysterious photographer Stephano Valentino, who seems as eager to find Lily as Sebastian himself. His mad ramblings suggest that whoever controls Lily will be able to control the world inside STEM with the same ease as its creator, which adds a sense of urgency and motivation the original game lacked. Whether or not Sebastian is able to escape the eye of this cruel maniac will have to be seen, when the game releases on October 13th. Until then, you can watch the full trailer below!