Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems Strategy Guide

The Infinity War is happening, again. The 1990s Marvel comics phenomenon is hitting the big screen. Since we are gamers, we decided to re-visit the SNES classic Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems. Only time will tell if the movie will play out in a similar fashion to the incredible 1990s Marvels comics, or even the slightly different telling in this game. War of the Gems is indeed about The Infinity Gauntlet from Marvel’s latest round up of movies. Thanos is working behind the scenes to complete the Infinity Gauntlet with the Infinity Stones. We found out in The Guardians of the Galaxy movie what the Infinity Gems are and what they mean to the shared movie universe. Hopefully, Marvel will make some clever creative decisions to break the blueprint set by the comics. In War of the Gems for SNES, we decide the fate of our heroes by choosing which ones fight at each location. This way, we kind of rewrite the story as we like.


War of the Gems is a platforming action game by Capcom. It is sort of a spiritual successor to X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse, which is also being made into a movie by Fox. War of the Gems takes Capcom’s classic platforming style gameplay and infuses it with the action you’ve seen in their arcade fighting games like Street Fighter 2 and its various Versus series. In our strategy guide, you will find some basic tips to beat the game along with our full walkthrough video series.

Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems | Strategy Guide

In War of the Gems, you will lead Captain America, the Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Iron Man to take on Thanos. No story spoilers will be mentioned in this strategy guide. We will simply gear you up for battle and suggest the stages you should use each hero for. If you have any trouble, please check out our video playthroughs below!

Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems | Characters & Special Moves

When playing each hero, be aware that equipping the infinity stones to characters later in the game add different abilities. Also, while a hero has the infinity gem equipped, they have a super move specific to their abilities by pressing up, forwards, then down and pressing attack. There is an item that enables single uses of these attacks that you will find in-game.

Captain America


The Super-Soldier has quite a handful of effective shield attacks. Best levels: The Aquarium, Arizona Mining Complex.

Shield Slash – Steve Rogers throws his shield in diagonally or straight to the side like a boomerang. Performed by tapping forward twice plus the attack button for the forward direction he’s facing. Tapping downward twice then attack throws it diagonally downward. Tapping up twice plus attack throws it diagonally upward.

Charging Star – Cap holds his shield tight and charges through the enemies in front of him. Perform it by pressing down on the controller, diagonally down and forward, and then forward and tapping the attack button. Take note that if you played the fighting game version of Captain America, you should know that the charging star looks the same but does not have any shielding qualities like rendering incoming attacks useless.



The web head is here with flashy combos and high flying diving strikes. We can see why Marvel wants him around in the movies. He’s the best all-around in War of the Gems. Best Levels: Amazon, Magus’s Spaceship, Asteroid Belt, Volcano, and the fight against Nebula.

Web Blast – a short range projectile that can hit multiple enemies. Performed by pressing down, diagonally down and forward, then forward plus the attack button. Spider-Man will stun them in place, setting up vicious combo attacks.

Wall Climb – while jumping near certain walls, pressing up or down will engage Spidey’s wall climb. Extremely useful on the Alaska stage where you can bypass some enemies and for grabbing power-up items.

Diving Attack – press up twice then the attack button to have Spider-Man start swinging around near the ceiling. Pressing attack again initiates his diving attack. This is a strong attack to use while jumping into the middle of things with the intention of being decisive.

Iron Man


Iron Man was most useful in our play through by bypassing a majority of Dr. Doom’s castle with his double jump at the beginning of the level. Otherwise we found him a bit awkward to play as his combo ending uppercut left him wide open. Best level: Dr. Doom’s Castle.

Double Jump – just tap up in the direction you would like Iron Man to do his double jump. Use this at the beginning of Doctor Doom’s castle to bypass a majority of the level.

Repulsor Beam Attack – performed by pressing down, diagonally down and forward, then forward plus the attack button. This is a strong attack that allows Iron Man to hit multiple enemies, and it is useable mid-air.

Air Dash Attack – tap forward twice then attack in the air to rocket across the stage with Iron Man and hit enemies multiple times.

Bomb Drop – tap down twice then the attack button to hit enemies from the top of the screen as the projectile curves downward and explodes.



While he won’t likely make it into the Infinity War movies, the Wolverine plays a significant role in this game. His ability to climb walls comes in handy in Alaska as it allows him to bypass one of the most unforgiving fights. Best levels: Alaska, Egypt.

Dashing Claw Attack – tap forward twice plus the attack button to unleash this devastating multi-hit attack. Very effective at closing the gap against enemies that excel from mid-range like the Evil Hulks you will run into in Egypt.

Tornado Claw – performed by pressing forward, down, then diagonally down and forward plus the attack button. This is Wolverine’s answer to Ryu and Ken’s Dragon Punch. While it may get you out of some hairy situations, it is liable to put you into many more. Use with caution.

Lunging Claw Attack – executed by pressing down plus the attack button while mid-air. A solid jump attack for Wolverine to play it safe and score a knockdown.

Wall Climbing – grab onto a climbable wall by pressing up or down as you are airborne.

The Hulk


We found the Hulk extremely hard hitting, but not up to the task of platforming most of the levels because of how slow he moved. Best level: boss fight with Thanos.

Dashing Attack – tap forward twice then press the attack button to launch this charging attack that has potential to hit multiple enemies.

Throw Attack – performed by pressing down, diagonally down and forward, then forward plus the attack button when close to an enemy. The Hulk tosses an enemy for some splash damage if the enemy comes in contact with other foes.

Rock Slam – press forward, down, then diagonally down and forward plus the attack button to perform this knock up then slam down attack.

Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems | The Infinity Stones

As you play through the game, you will gain access to using the Infinity Gems with your heroes. Each stone grants a unique power. By equipping them to your heroes, you enable them to use their super moves that are executed by pressing up, forward, then down plus the attack button. You need an additional consumable item for each use of the super attack.

Soul Gem

This gem doubles the life of the character that equips it. Once it is taken off between stages, that hero still has the same percentage of total available life. This is a good item for when you just come up a little short finishing a level for any hero.

Time Gem

Equipping this makes your hero move twice as fast. This is a notable improvement for Hulk when you are trying to avoid projectiles. We had fun using it with Spider-Man as well.

Space Gem

This gem allows a character to jump twice as high. Use it to explore the maps and potentially avoid some baddies.

Reality Gem

This is a good one to use for easy levels. It allows you to see hidden items that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to collect.

Power Gem

This gem grants double damage to a hero. While the soul gem makes you more rugged, sometimes you might just want to beat the bad guys faster. Great for the boss fights.

Mind Gem

You collect this at the end of the game. We hear there might be a way to get it, and that it allows you to damage enemies from across the screen. That is probably just a myth.

Marvel Super Heroes in War of the Gems | Playthrough

1. Boston Aquarium – Captain America

Tips: Be sure to watch the video for the easiest way to beat the twin Evil Iron Man bosses.

2. Amazon – Spider-Man

Tips: Look for sweet spots to beat the archers and to use Spidey’s combo attacks to hit enemies that are off screen.

3. Alaska – Wolverine

Tips: Be careful for the sliding ice at the beginning of the level. See the video for the location to climb to avoid a lot of potential damage. Also, make sure when you knock down Sasquatch, you don’t stand directly over him as he stands up or you will take damage. Capcom made it a thing where you should avoid standing on top of downed enemies because they will hit you hard as they stand up as a deterrent for spam attacks.

4. Dr. Doom’s Castle – Iron Man

Tips: Use the double jump to bypass most of the level. Only Iron Man can do this!

5. Magus and his Space Ship – Spider-Man

Tips: Spider-Man’s straight up jumping kick is a strong attack to use against the mid-level machine boss. Be careful not to crowd Magus when you knock him down, but also be ready to jump over or dodge his various projectile attacks.

6. Asteroid Belt – Spider-Man

Tips: Avoid Black Heart’s projectiles, then attack. Wait for him to use them once he is knocked down.

7. Arizona Mining Complex – Captain America

Tips: The shield toss is useful on the elevator.

8. Volcano – Spider-Man

Tips: Try to memorize the pattern for power-ups in the section that Doctor Strange introduces you to for easy health and bonuses.

9. Egypt – Wolverine

Tips: During the quicksand section of the stage, stand on a safe spot and hit enemies as soon as they jump into the screen to avoid massive damage.

10. Nebula Boss Battle – Spider-Man

Tips: Spider-Man’s diving attack and combos come in very handy. Use the power gem to make this battle short.

11. Thanos Boss Battle – Hulk

Tips: The trick to defeating Thanos is to safely combo attack him knowing that the first attack will be blocked and potentially countered. Use the Hulk’s range and Gem Power Items for his super move to avoid Thano’s attacks.