Playstation 4 2013-Present


MLB The Show 18 Review

Seven Years. Reviewed on PS4 “Seven years,” my friend sympathetically replies every time MLB 18 The Show screws me out of a win. It’s been like this f...

City of Brass Review

Cursed. Reviewed on PS4 It seems to me that roguelike first person games are presently in vogue. The number of review opportunities that dash across my desk...

ARK Park Review

Jurassic - oh, no, it’s ARK Park. Reviewed on PSVR Every child who grew up in the 90s and early 00s most likely fell in love with Jurassic Park (after, of...

Octahedron Review

A rhythmically good time. Reviewed on PS4 The Square-Enix Collective, a kickstarter-esque platform for creating video games with the support of Square-E...

Assault Gunners HD Review

Dated and Tough but Still Fun Reviewed on PS4 Six years ago, fast paced mech shooter Assault Gunners launched on the PlayStation Vita. In 2012, it was a v...