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Mr. Shifty Beta Review

Shift Into Gear Reviewed on PC One game I never expected to like was Hotline Miami. When it first came out, I wasn't really a fan of its bloody, pixelated g...
Yakuza 0 Review

Yakuza 0 Review

A masterfully composed mix of farce, melodrama and diversion. Reviewed on PS4 The tale of the noble scoundrel is one that humanity tells itself constantly. ...

Earth’s Dawn Review

On the E.B.E. of destruction. Reviewed on PS4 Humanity is all but eliminated. With, perhaps, 20-30% of the population remaining, waiting for its ultimate de...

Final Fantasy XV Review

Review of Square-Enix's, Final Fantasy XV for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Final Fantasy XV stands well on it's own. Technical issues and a poorly presented narrative hold it back from being truly fantastic but there are more than enough elements to make it worth the "road trip".