August 17th would have been the two year anniversary for Bit Cultures. It has been an interesting journey for Paul and myself. We started this as an idea in a group chat and continued to work on it with a range of friends (Alex, Grant, Mike, Luis and Connor). Our goal was to provide a space for content creators to maintain their voice and talk about anything and all related to gaming. Leading up to and after launch, we had grown into a group approaching the high 30s. Many talented content creators have come and gone and over time an innumerable amount of amazing people had contributed their time and energy to help grow Bit Cultures.

Towards the end, the biggest factor leading to this decision was time. Many of the contributors, editors and upper level staff have grown and moved forward in life. Unfortunately, this means that the amount of time available for other projects has dwindled. We were not able to provide enough time and energy to continue Bit Cultures on it’s path to growing and prospering.

Looking back though, this site and the people working on it have done some incredible things. This will be the 2400th post for Bit Cultures and over the entire history of the site, we averaged 425 views a day as a smaller scale site. We are proud of everything we, as a group, have accomplished and thank all the fans and readers who kept coming back!

Now, looking forward, we are happy with the community that has spawned from Bit Cultures and want to continue fostering that. We will be sticking around in our Facebook Group, which anyone is welcome to join. Expect daily posts from the community discussing gaming news, opinions and whatever else comes to mind. Please join us there and help continue the conversation!

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