Evan Schwab

Ratchet and Clank The Movie

The Game to Film Dilemma

Is there no hope? With the upcoming release of many big game to film movies, let's examine the dilemma that seems to haunt these adaptations. What hap...

Xenoblade Chronicles X Review

The Earth is destroyed… Reviewed on Wii U Humanity has been ousted from its home, caught in between a war of two alien races. They flee in vessels capable...
Final Fantasy VIII Review

Final Fantasy VIII Review

The past remains the same. Reviewed on PSOne Regardless of the medium in which they exist, siblings tend to be competitive by nature. In its family of games...
Kromaia Omega

Kromaia Omega Review

No gods, no masters. Reviewed on PS4 The PlayStation 4 is known for its wonderful relationship with independent developers. As a consumer, that relationship...

Nier Review

Venture into a dark tale of humanity and existentialism. Reviewed on PS3 What is the value of life, and what makes us human? Following that train of thought...